Buen Comer Poquellas

Buen Comer Poquellas

Other than Korean food (specifically grill) the other cuisine I usually crave for is Mexican. Tacos and nachos in particular. Maybe a burrito minus the beans. I also like dirty rice (is that Mexican?). Since I work near Maginhawa, I am always in a search for good food that doesn’t actually put a dent in my budget. Lagi kong sinasabi na basta sulit! I am willing to spend for food but not so much.

After yoga, I pass this corner with a food stall  called Buen Comer. Obviously, it’s Mexican. I did my research and that they usually open from Wednesdays to Saturdays. I’ve been always wanting to eat here but I don’t have company. Even if I muster the strength to eat there alone, I can’t. I was thinking to eat there before yoga but I can’t because it requires you to eat an hour and a half before the class. There’s a risk that I may just vomit. If you eat anything it has to be light. How about after yoga? I usually go home straight because I am either too tired to eat or feel guilty.

So my husband and I took the time to try it out. At first, I was a bit sad. They weren’t there anymore! The street is under construction. What a hassle. I asked my husband to drive around to see if it is just near the area because their sign says “this way”.

Good news! They just moved inside the street. Similar to set-up. They have a stall set-up in front of the house and you eat in the garage. It was pretty much a self service thing. You order at the stall then wait for your order. My Mexican heart is happy.

We asked what their best sellers are and it’s the Kare-kare Burrito! I was really hesitant to eat that. Hello, kare-kare and burrito? Really. But my husband is just experimental so we had that and their Steak and Fries Burrito. Of course, we had to try their Nacho Potato Crisp.

Mostly everything came in fast. First was the Kare-Kare Burrito then the Steak and Fries. What took time was the Nacho Potato Crisp.

Fast fact: The fries and potato crisps are home made. This is the reason why it takes some time to have both served. The Nacho Potato Crisp, according to the chef takes around 5-8 mins serving time. Still not bad.

Let’s discuss the Kare-Kare Burrito. Guys, ANG SARAP. I never thought that it would be that good. It’s Kare-Kare rice + a little veggie + BAGNET. Yes friends, bagnet. It was crispy and glorious. It had the right amount of kare-kare flavor. Also, you can have the bagoong either spread in the burrito or have it separated. We had it separated because I eat kare-kare without the bagoong. I am weird, no need to tell me. My husband had it with bagoong. We were just both happy. The serving is good for two! Needless to say, we finished it. Simot sarap!

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How it looks after I munched on it.

Next up was the Steak and Fries Burrito. It was so heavenly. Meat, fries and special sauce. The steak is meaty and the fries, it’s hand cut. Really filling. I was struggling finishing my share. The fries remind me of the Beef and Potato Burrito of Taco Bell. The potato is love. you can’t go wrong with the combo.

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Steak and Fries. SOOOO FILLING.

Both burritos are even more delicious with their home made sauces. They have three: the green one which is cilantro, then the red is hot sauce. I forgot what the white thing is. My favorite is the hot sauce of course. It matches my burrito.

Last but not the least, the Nacho Potato Crisp. The serving can be up to three people. It was just different from the usual nacho chips because its base was more on thinly cut potatoes. They use their special sauce on this.  I have not much to say about this since we were quite full when we got to eat this. We had to take it home. Pretty much when my husband finished it up, he was happy. I made him eat some of the veggies.

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Sorry, I wasn’t able to get a good photo since we chowed it down immediately. This is a mound of potato crisps!

Regarding service, they are more on the self-service side, we had to pack the left over food (the nachos). They have a designated station for it. You can also find utensils, gloves and paper bags there. You might also want to throw away your stuff after you eat. Not sure about it but maybe we just took a cue with the trash can being labeled.

Rating time. The food is great! Plus points for having stuff home made. Everything feels extra special. The serving is good enough for two! We were both stuffed after eating. Every time they serve the food they ask how was it probably we’re first timers. All I can say is that it was just delicious!!!

We went there a bit early just before the customers start to pile up. Everything was fast and the chef got to take our orders and explain the food. One time, I passed their area and there were a lot of customers, but I still here them explain all about their specialty. This is a plus! The chef is also very hands on. Everyone it just great.

If you want a bang for your buck? This is the place to be. Your Mexican heart will be happy and your tummy too. Here, you can share your burrito because definitely you’ll maximize your tummy space if you eat it alone.

Food – 4.5
Service – 5
Price – 5

As for the area, you have to scout for parking since this is a residential area. No worries though since people just come and go since it is not really a space that will make you stay for hours.

Tips: Bring someone with you to share your order. Go there before their peak hours. They open 4pm onwards.

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Here’s part of their menu (1/2)

Menu (2/2) plus the place where the magic happens!

There is our new adventure. I am definitely going to recommend it. Date night or friends night out this is a great place!

Buen Comer Poquellas
48 Mapagkawanggawa, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101


The Sunday Currently | Vol. 2

So this weekend was all about getting a much needed rest.


READING. A summary of the movie “In The Heart Of The Sea” but yeah I skipped through most of it. I just want to see if Mr. Chase will live.

WRITING. None as of now but planning to write a mommy content next week.

THINKING. More of getting anxious for deadlines tomorrow.


WISHING. To have more time for my tasks.

HOPING. For better days ahead.

WEARING. The usual.

LOVING. Lazy weekends.


NEEDING. To eat at that taco/nacho place near Maginhawa.

FEELING. Anxious for the coming week.

CLICKING. Nothing.

The Sunday Currently | Vol. 1

They say look for blogs that you idolize or read a lot. It may or may have an influence on what you write.

Lately, I have been seeing this “The Sunday Currently”. I think this was started by blogger siddathornton. It’s basically like a questionnaire wherein you fill it up. I am joining this bandwagon as I am struggling to actually find content for my own page. It may be due to the lack of planning the content or just forgetting all about it pretending that I don’t have the time. No judging!

Here we go!


READING. A reviewer being given by a friend. I am not divulging anything as of now but I need to do this and study diligently. I will also be reading the other books that I haven’t finished like “Another Day” by David Levithan.

WRITING. This blog. Trying to fill content.

THINKING. More on the homily today. It was all about providence and avoiding anxiety. This is all relevant to my current situation.

SMELLING. Nothing really.

WISHING. To be more organized and really commit to the plans I have for the future.

HOPING. To be more accomplished. I just realized that it’s the end of February already. The only thing I have accomplished is my yoga! What?

WEARING. Usual t-shirt and shorts.

LOVING. My husband has a new schedule of day-offs. Hurray for weekends!


NEEDING. To save. I need to be in charge of my finances. Stat.

FEELING. Good. I just watched Moana and it’s great! Lucas loves music. We love the humor.

CLICKING. Looking through pages for The Sunday Currently format.

Hope I did justice to this one. 


Hello 2017

New year, new me. Not. Before, I used to do my new year’s resolutions but now, I don’t. I just resigned to the fact that I follow it for the first week then just forget it the week after. 

2016 has been a year of transition for me: from one job to the other, having a newborn turned toddler, becoming the head of the family, my parents’ transferring houses. It has been a year of adulting. Like what I always say, adulting is difficult. No one said it was easy anyway.

But this year, I want to claim it! As the year came to a close, a friend of mine said a little prayer. This is a different kind of prayer. It talked to my soul and to the thoughts that I had. With that moment, I felt that I was validated and the path was clearer. 2017 will be a year of focus and below are just some things I want to focus on.


I want to God to be the center of my life. I am no religious person but I want to ensure that this year (and every year after) will be all for Him. To say a little prayer every day and be grateful for the small wins and challenges. I do believe that He is here guiding every single decision or life choice I make.

Marriage first

The first few days of 2017 have been awesome. My husband and I go out and have dinner. I wasn’t fancy but it was great. We usually have the routine of going home, play with Lucas then sleep. We don’t even get to talk. Now, with my #marriagefirst project, we get to talk. We’re bestfriends and partners in crime till forever! I really want to continue to make time for one another or else, both of us might lose it.

Family first

Aside from my own family, I still take care of my mom and lola. They have actually moved in with us last December. It was a big transition and we are still adjusting. Upside, we get to save stuff from renting. Happy also that my husband is supportive with all this. If I have this #marriagefirst project, this would be next. I hope to document more family moments this year.

Keeping it small

They say that when you get older, you have fewer friends. I believe this. Through the years, I have learned that not everyone is your friend. In time, my number of friends reduced to some key people/group. This year, I plan to make time. I have to make it to a point that I meet up or at least send them a message. I actually started during the last quarter of 2016 and I have no plans of stopping now.

Moving to get fit 

Let’s be honest, I am not doing a great job. I am currently binge eating now (having one order of squid balls, chicken chops and a regular sized drink from Chatime). I did purchase a yoga class pass. YES. I went to yoga, thrice already. Tomorrow is my fourth session. I need to make it count and not just negating it will all this food. Dear Lord, help me.

Save and invest 

I started out with actually trying to settle my finances. I now have savings! It’s nothing much but it can get us afloat for a cut-off or two. I am also expecting to pay off the family debt this year and it will be amazing once done. A bit burden will be lifted off. I am looking forward to paying it off. Hello, achievement! Our next project is to start saving for our own.

Lead, create, inspire

These are the things that I want to do with my career. I just received some big news regarding work and it is interesting to see how this would all pan out for the rest of the year. Nonetheless, as a leader of a team, my goal is to be able to inspire them and with that create, build new ideas. Exciting but challenging times ahead. 
This is the list which I want to focus on for the year. I believe with God in the center, everything will fall into place.

How about you? What’s your focus for this year?

Apricot OTG

Apricot OTG

Have you ever done online shopping? You may have bought from Instagram etc. Well, so do I. I have already tried buying from Zalora and I love their stuff. Anyway, I have never thought of buying electronics online. Aside from Lazada where I bought my hard drive along with my officemates, none. I am scared. What if it’s a fake?

So one day I was browsing through my feed and I saw a post from a friend of mine. She shared a post from Kimstore. It’s the Apricot OTG. Yes. It’s an external USB for the iPhone! It comes in 16GB and 32GB at a low price of P999 and P1299 respectively. 

I was interested! I read more about it. I was glad that their album set was informative. It has a dedicated app which you can download for free and ta-dah! You can transfer your files instantly and watch movies without having to transfer to your iTunes. You won’t have to worry about compatibility issues too.

I was practically sold! Next step, I read the comments regarding the transaction. So far, so good. Everyone seems to be satisfied with their purchase. All I needed to do is order.

To be honest, I had second thoughts so I chose COD just in case. This was also the reco of my officemate to have online deliveries paid COD. I placed my order online which was a Tuesday. According to the help line, it would take 24-48 hrs for confirmation of order. I waited for an email but there was none. I followed-up on Thursday AM and voila! I got their confirmation from the COD team that afternoon that it will be delivered within 2-5 business days. Having it shipped has an additional fee of P129 (This may depend on the area). 

I had it delivered to my office since I was excited and possibly their business days doesn’t include Saturdays. I got a message Saturday AM that it will be delivered to the office. Thank God, we had our Christmas party else I had to resched. Yes, they deliver on Saturdays! Hurrah!

Tip: Have the exact amount prepared. The ninja (that’s what they call the rider) may not have the exact amount. I also have to commend the ninja since he called me to check if I was at the office. I told him I was not there yet and if he could come back. Thankfully, he did and went on to deliver another package around the area.

Unboxing time!

Boxed Apricot OTG

It just came in a box, no manual etc. Kimstore also had a bubble wrap too so your packge is safe. Anyway, I hooked it up on my phone and nothing happened. It asked to be allowed but I was a bit excited and ignored it. I was actually clueless the first few minutes.

Pro Tip: You may either not ignore the phone instructions which may be easier or just open the USB in your computer and read the manual which I did.

Sleek and stylish

I downloaded the special app called iUSB Pro and done. It wasn’t difficult to use. The app is user-friendly. You can easily figure it out. I am happy too with the metal body. It fits the whole iPhone aesthetic. Downside, if you always insert it in your USB port it will definitely have scratches on the surface. Unavoidable since that is the its purpose.

From the time I had it delivered, I have backed up my photos, transferred a movie and watched on my phone. Amazing! 

Tip: If you watch movies directly from the USB there is no fast forward. Boo.

Similar USB OTGs cost a lot so I recommend this Apricot OTG by Kimstore! Their service is ok and price is affordable too. I am purchasing again but a different product. I’ll have a review about it next time.

You may check Kimstore’s page for more details.

*This is not a sponsored post 



Motherhood is tough especially if you are a first time mom. Even if you have your husband and family, it helps that you have mommy friends!

I go out with my mommy friends aka #mamasquad once in a while and it’s the best thing. Here’s why.

1. No judging

We are all guilty of judging one another and probably other moms too. However, when we get in their shoes, it is just nice to have a support group who will hear you out, share what they know and empathize with you.

2. WebMD

Remember searching for symptoms on the web and they just lead you to crazier disease or sickness? Well, no need to go praning over that. All I do is just message our group chat and ask if their babies experienced the same thing. I know not all experiences are the same but at least you won’t go gaga and sweat the small stuff. I even ask them who’s the best supplier or even exchange ideas for my son’s first birthday.

3. Diaper bag extension

Yes! Especially when my mommy brain kicks in an decide to forget tissue, diaper, etc. No fear. They will gladly lend you a hand. Lucky for me, Vea lent me her shoes for a wedding. They are that reliable.

4. Relate, relate, relate

I love it whenever we have catch ups! It seems as if we understand everything we go through. We even relate to each other’s post-partum. It does help A LOT!

5. You got my back, I got yours.

We are each other’s support group. We haven’t really been together for the longest time but mommyhood just brought us together. Not just us! But our families too. We even began a simple Christmas tradition too. I’ll post more about it next post.

This Christmas, I am thankful for my #mamasquad. Being with them in this journey is just amazing. Having them around is just a blessing since they make everything about mommyhood easy.

It Takes Two

It Takes Two

How do IĀ even begin this post?

Last weekend, we celebrated our second year wedding anniversary. Two years! Wow, that went by swiftly.

Just to let you in a little back story, everything wasn’t planned. Sure, we wanted to get married but not as fast or immediate as we expected. When Lucas came along, we just jumped in! We both know we’ll be ending up together one way or another. It just happened that the bundle of joy came first.

These past two years weren’t easy. We had our fair share of fights, misunderstandings, kulitans, embarrassing and yet funny moments. It was two years of learning from one another and battling it together.

I am no expert in love or even in marriage. Heck! I am not even close to those who achieved #couplegoals already. I bet the people who have been married a long time will say that too (or maybe I am just assuming). All I know is that you’ll never know when you’re ready to take on an expanded role.

How corporate, right? Expanded role. Parang promotion lang! Haha! Kidding aside, marriage isn’t a walk in a park and takes two to tango. You need to learn and accept the other, knowing your limits in terms of what is right and wrong. You need to have that compromise. No experience can prepare you for such. Add a baby in the mix and it is a whole new different ball game.

So, maybe you are wondering why I am writing this? I am too! Maybe, I am just running on a caffeine high. Or I just really want to sum up the past two years. Do note that all marriages are different. Every experience/situation is different. This will all depend on the dynamics, personality, etc. So please don’t think this is a one size fits all type of post.

Marriage is not a me, me, me show. In our relationship, I want to believe that I am the more outspoken one between the two of us. There are times in the heat of an
argument, I forget that I do need to hear his side too. This is why I always keep that in mind to ask him if he’s ok, what he feels, etc. And oh, I do force him to tell me what is on his mind. You may think that he’s so open because we’re married but he tends to be reserved at times too. He thinks I will get hurt with what he will say. There are times that it does hurt because it is the truth. These are things that I have to take. It gives me a better understanding of why we have opposing views or why he is ok or not with things.

Both of us are working in retail which is a demanding industry (not as demanding as FMCG, etc maybe) and we get caught in the routine. We prep in the morning, travel to work, work, work, work, go home, eat and sleep. He gets off sometimes late from work and will find me asleep or when he has his day off, I am have work. Even as early as now, I feel like we are not in the honeymoon stage anymore. We are so caught up with all the other things and making ends meet that we forget we need time for ourselves. So yes, I do ask him out on a date. I am the one who schedules it most of the time. It doesn’t really have to be fancy. Sometimes, we just go out for tea run or have a date night at home, watching Bad Moms (laughing out loud in the process) while the Burrito is asleep (true story!).

I just want things done. I am a result-oriented person. And I am guilty for being a naggy wife. Dear Lord, help me not to be. I keep telling my husband things over and over and over again (tbh, I get tired myself too). I needed action on things, solve what needs to be solved, etc. I remember when I told him to clean the telephone area (which I don’t want to touch since I might throw out important documents), it took me weeks of reminding. Then, I just came home one day and boom! It’s clean. Hallelujiah! So yeah, sometimes it takes time for him to act on it and I have to constantly remind him. Stop judging me, I don’t tell him everyday. I remind him once in a while (with that, I mean a gentle reminder once a week) so as not to forget. There are times though that he acts immediately when I say so.

I am reminded that not everything will go my or his way. There are times that I would want something but I would have to wait or that we need to pick one over the other since it would benefit the whole family. There are also times that you need to think about the whole picture. There are sacrifices for the whole thing to work. Something’s gotta give. I am thankful that we both do that since Lucas is our top priority in every decision that we make.

I am the person who doesn’t want to go to bed angry. I make sure that before going to bed, we sort things out. Going to sleep angry makes waking up in the morning heavy. I tell him what’s on my mind and apologize for how I acted. It doesn’t have to be because he was right or wrong. I just do. I do this after I breathe and let my emotions subside. We talk things out and our resolve is that we are a team and that we are in this together. I am actually lucky that my husband is so patient and bears with me when things happen.

Whew! I think that was a lot for two years and forever to go. So to Mr. Santillan, once again, happy anniversary! I didn’t have that lengthy post last week since we were busy spending time with Lucas but here you go. I am thankful for you. I love you from the moon and back or maybe till the next galaxy/dimension and back! XO.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Lee