Sunday Currently | Vol. 3

I haven’t really had a real weekend for the past month. I think my body is actually clamoring for more sleep!


READING. E-learning module.

WRITING. Planning to finish my blog for Lucas. But ha! I am really just too lazy.

THINKING. How to deal with the current situation of actually not going to mass with my son.

SMELLING. Nothing. I have a blocked nose right now.

WISHING. I have enough will power and not just all talk.

HOPING. My internet will keep up. It’s too slow. Why do internet service providers give you sucky service anyway?

WEARING. Shirt and skirt!

LOVING. My new steal. Hahaha. Yes, I bought a phone case.


NEEDING. I need my life fixed according to the KonMari App.

FEELING. Annoyed because we were supposed to go to mass with my son.

CLICKING. E-learning module.


The Sunday Currently | Vol. 2

So this weekend was all about getting a much needed rest.


READING. A summary of the movie “In The Heart Of The Sea” but yeah I skipped through most of it. I just want to see if Mr. Chase will live.

WRITING. None as of now but planning to write a mommy content next week.

THINKING. More of getting anxious for deadlines tomorrow.


WISHING. To have more time for my tasks.

HOPING. For better days ahead.

WEARING. The usual.

LOVING. Lazy weekends.


NEEDING. To eat at that taco/nacho place near Maginhawa.

FEELING. Anxious for the coming week.

CLICKING. Nothing.

The Sunday Currently | Vol. 1

They say look for blogs that you idolize or read a lot. It may or may have an influence on what you write.

Lately, I have been seeing this “The Sunday Currently”. I think this was started by blogger siddathornton. It’s basically like a questionnaire wherein you fill it up. I am joining this bandwagon as I am struggling to actually find content for my own page. It may be due to the lack of planning the content or just forgetting all about it pretending that I don’t have the time. No judging!

Here we go!


READING. A reviewer being given by a friend. I am not divulging anything as of now but I need to do this and study diligently. I will also be reading the other books that I haven’t finished like “Another Day” by David Levithan.

WRITING. This blog. Trying to fill content.

THINKING. More on the homily today. It was all about providence and avoiding anxiety. This is all relevant to my current situation.

SMELLING. Nothing really.

WISHING. To be more organized and really commit to the plans I have for the future.

HOPING. To be more accomplished. I just realized that it’s the end of February already. The only thing I have accomplished is my yoga! What?

WEARING. Usual t-shirt and shorts.

LOVING. My husband has a new schedule of day-offs. Hurray for weekends!


NEEDING. To save. I need to be in charge of my finances. Stat.

FEELING. Good. I just watched Moana and it’s great! Lucas loves music. We love the humor.

CLICKING. Looking through pages for The Sunday Currently format.

Hope I did justice to this one.