Empties #1

Empties #1

It’s been a long time since I did a post. I’ll try to keep up and do a post in a month. Swear!

Anyway, early last year, I saw that I am accumulating make-up and skin care which I haven’t really used. It just takes up so much space in my dresser and most of them I don’t really use. I had to give some away especially the lipsticks I haven’t been using for quite some time. Now, here we are. I made myself a promise to finish a product unless it has harmful effects on my skin (aka trial and error products) before moving on to a new one.

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This is my first post about products I used from skincare, make-up and fragrance. Looking forward to more of these kinds of post.

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The Face Shop Collagen Pomegranate & Collagen Volume Lifting Toner – You think that by spending on an expensive one will make it better. But my experience with this toner wasn’t good. It reacted to my skin and caused me to have little bumps on my skin. At first, I dismissed it as a reaction to the highlighter and blush that I’ve used. Nope, the culprit is this toner. I took a break from skincare and using make-up aside from my cleanser and the bumps subsided. I almost finished the whole bottle just because I want to ensure that I got the value for my money, I didn’t occur to me that it was the main culprit. I learned my lesson to just work with the usual products that I’ve tried and tested.

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Alcohol-free Toner – I love this product! It has worked for me and I can’t believe that I replaced this with the TFS toner. My loyalty lies with this. I just bought a small bottle since I want to try it first before buying a big one again after my TFS experience to ensure that it would agree with my skin.

Pond’s Age Miracle Night Cream – I love this product. It makes my skin soft until the next morning. It’s priced P99 at the grocery and it comes a looong way for me.

Christine Lhuillier Parfumerie Green Lilac and Tea – I’m on my second bottle already. I love this cologne and fresh. Pretty cheap for an artisan cologne. Will have to invest on the Eau de Toilette for a more long lasting scent.

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The Face Shop Photo Blur Effet Flou BB Cream – When they discontinued the Lovely Me:ex BB Cream, this was the replacement. I am happy because it’s my go-to “foundation”. Its coverage isn’t full so it gives off a more natural vibe. I avoid using too much though unless I want to look like a geisha.

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrows 01 – I saw this from my officemate before and how convenient it was to put on. I used it an it gave a very soft effect on my eyebrows.

Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit – I love this shade. One coat gives you a pigmented shade. It lasts for quite sometime. You still need to reapply though. What I dislike about it is that it is super drying. Even if I love the shade, I will be steering clear from this.

Maybelline Creamy Mattes Nude Embrace – Love the shade. My officemate sold it to me because the shade it super light for her. For me, it was perfect. It’s a nice everyday shade, the reason why I immediately finished it. It isn’t drying but you need to reapply after since the staying power isn’t that long. It’s pretty cheap too especially if you wait for the sale.

BLK Long Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick Sophisticated – I joined the bandwagon! I have to say it holds true to its word of making a long lasting matte lipstick. Things I love? How pigmented it is with one coat, perfect everyday shade and IT ISN’T DRYING. Though it tends to have a powdery finish after sometime which is the main effect of any liquid matte lipstick. Worth the price? Definitely! Plus, it’s cruelty-free too!

Wow, I can’t believe I finished those! What about you? What products were you able to finish?




I have to admit I am an overbuyer. Regardless if I need it or not, I shop and look for things. The internet is a dark place, you can get sucked in the minute you get distracted. However, I found some great finds lately and I am proud to say that they are local brands. These are the ones that thrive via online shops and bazaars. I am a fan and inspired by some of their stories. I got to ask them questions due to my inquiries. They are accommodating to queries which I think is very crucial especially for online transactions.

I’m pretty sure you are now curious with the list so here’s a rundown:

Shiq Bag (@shiqbags)

This brand is inspired by the femininity, combining classic and modern styles. Their bags are of style and function. There I was looking for a bag that can fit my laptop and I came across the Amber tote.  It’s waterproof and can fit my laptop. Well, not actually. It is 13″ so the size of the bag is quite exact. Plus points to Shiq for customized bags. Just add P50 for every letter. It’s the best bag I use when I need errands to do since it seemed small but it can fit a lot.

Designs by Shima (@designsbyshima)

I actually forgot how I found this brand. What got me hooked is the actual bag which can fit a laptop. This time, it’s for real! My order took some time since it still needs to be produced but it was all worth it. I got to buy a wallet to match with it too! It’s amazing as it is perfect for travel because my passport perfectly fits. This bag can be worn 4 different ways: crossbody, shoulder bag, hand bag and backpack. Definitely handy!

Obsession Without Limits (@obsessionswithoutlimits)

My fondness for crystal necklace stemmed from a Christmas gift from my former boss a few Christmases ago. I kept searching on how to create my own but instead stumbled on this. I love their Prescripstone line since the crystals have meanings perfect each personality need. Every piece is unique as the stones are shaped differently. Another plus is that it is tarnish free. Of course, you need to properly take care of it.

Amber MNL (@ambermnl)

Needless to say, I did a whole blog post about it. See link: Head over Heels. I love how comfortable it is! They have a unique design for flats. Their chunky mid heels is pure love too! This brand is now a staple in my shoe closet.

Hey Jow (@heyjowph)

I love this brand and their different collaborations. The designs are unique and classy. It is fit for someone who wants to upgrade their accessory line. Their products are nicely packaged in a box. I got giddy when I received mine. Hey Jow is a piece that I love wearing if I want to amp up my outfit. A little pricey but the quality is superb perfect for special occasions.

Better Than Before: The Start

Better Than Before: The Start

I am not sure if you still count 28 as part of the quarter life crisis. Maybe, it’s more about adulting. As you get old, you have different priorities and having a family really does shake up things. My priorities are different from my single friends or even those who are married without children.

To be quite honest, I am in this confused state and a possible time for transition (I keep seeing 11.11 recently not because of the Singles’ Day). I have never been more confused on what I wanted to do. How do you handle maturity, destroy bad habits, create good ones and the likes.

The bookworm in me always checks out bookstores and I came across this book, “Better Than Before”. This books talks about habits what influences the person, etc. Why am I reading it? The main reason is that I am feel like I am a starter. Example, my goal is to start my skincare routine. I’ll start it today, maybe one or two days then, I will be lazy doing it. Same goes when I tried to exercise or doing a to-do list and blogging. Unless I am accountable for it or I don’t have a deadline, I’m not motivated enough.

Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin
Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

So here I am writing about it because I feel like I want to be accountable. It may seem like I am writing a book report but I want to document my journey and realizations. So far, so good I’ve been answering some of the questions/tendencies. I’ll definitely share it to you on my next post.

Wish me luck!

Head over Heels

Head over Heels

After around two years, I finally got a new pair of shoes. I’ve been interested with the new trend of having mid heels. Mid chunky heels look really comfortable especially if you are wearing it for the office. I have been looking online and I cam across this brand: amber.mnl. You can follow them on Instagram.

Amber MNL is a local brand which sources their shoes in Marikina. You have to talk about quality! It’s definitely legit.

I saw their posts were the Lexie is on sale. It’s a pair of two-toned flats. Love that it’s in neutral colors perfect for office and daily wear. But here’s my first choice, the Feline mid heel sandal.

There a bit mistrust in ordering shoes since I am scared that it won’t fit. So I inquired and the customer service is just brilliant! They answered all my inquiries and I’m sold. I placed my order and waited for the delivery.

I don’t have the photo of the box but if got a bit squished. According to the team, they are still working on the packaging. Maybe something a little sturdier but no worries since my order is intact.

Lexie in Two-toned Cream Beige and Grey and Feline in Black

Quite a busy weekend for me thus I left my package in the office. I got to try my Feline pair yesterday and it was glorious. Unlike other sandals that are quite heavy it’s quite nice and light. The heel is just comfortable to walk around a floor or two. I even tested it out around the mall since I went out after office.

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On my feet, the Feline.

Today, I wore the Lexie and it’s perfect too. I love the silhouette since it’s a bit pointed it makes my feet look sexy. Definitely worth the every peso!

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Super comfy! Presenting Lexie.

I’m happy giving this local brand a try and definitely will do a repeat order. I just checked their site and they have a promo. It’s P100 off for Feline, Marla and Olivia until September 30. I hope I can order but that depends if my budget will pull through.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 1.34.50 PM
Screenshot from instagram.com/amber.mnl

Their sizes range from 5-9, don’t hesitate to ask the page for questions too. They also have a physical store at Glorietta 4: POP by Retail Lab, 2F, Glorietta 3, beside Adidas.

*This is not a sponsored post.

Oh My Fish!

Oh My Fish!

Remember when you are looking for something fun to do with your kid? For our Burrito’s birthday, we went to Manila Ocean Park.

Pro Tip: We got a ticket through MetroDeal. We picked the Deep Sea Rush with the following activities: Oceanarium, Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter, Jellies Exhibit, Sea Lion Show, and Symphony Evening Show.

We could have gotten more but we just took into consideration of the two year old’s nap time and energy. We started the day late because we have a small breakfast party. You can check my post about that here.

Here’s just a quick rundown of what we did.

Oceanarium. It was a good thing that we didn’t bring the stroller. The place has stairs! It was also divided into different segments like fish you can see in the jungle, reef, etc. It was a pretty sight. We expected to see more fish at the tunnel though. My husband said there were more a few years earlier. Lucas liked to see different fish. He didn’t know where to look.

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Fish, fish!
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This fish made him say, “Oh my gosh!”
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Colorful fish!
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Curious kid.
So happy with everything!

Jellies Exhibit. I expected more but it was just a small room with around a few kinds of jellyfish. Overall, it was a good place to take your profile photos! Ha. Lucas was just a bit steady during this exhibit. There was this area where there are souvenirs, that’s the only time he was interested because there’s a truck.

Sea Lion Show. This show is done outside. We watched it around 3:00 PM. No umbrellas are allowed since it might distract the Sea Lions. Lucas enjoyed this! He was laughing at some parts and clapping with the rest of the crowd.

See how happy he is?

Shark and Rays Dry Encounter. There were a lot of people who wanted to touch sharks and rays. Lucas got a bit scared but it was a good sight to see. Maybe the experience is better if the place is not really that crowded. We weren’t able to take photos because of the crowd.

Symphony Evening Show. We missed this show because we had dinner. We hope to catch this on our next trip.

Another tip: Make sure you know the height of your kid. We didn’t know he’s over two feet so we had to get a ticket there instead.

Overall, it was a good place to bring your kid! Our Burrito is in the stage of exploring and learning. We are happy that he is enjoying and beginning to understand the different experience. It was just too bad when we went there when a company had their team building. But we will definitely be back for more since we missed out other attractions.

Any suggestions where to go next?



Last weekend, we celebrated Lucas’ second birthday. It was not as fancy as his first but I still proceeded with having a themed birthday. This year, we went nautical. We thought it would be fitting as he likes fish and we were planning to bring him to Manila Ocean Park.

As a mom, I did my usual planning but this time around, I was too caught up with raising a toddler. I resolved on getting this party in a box! Yes, a party in a box. It is basically your instant decorations for any special occasion. All you have to do is set it up. I checked this supplier, The White Box.

I sent them an email two weeks before the celebration and talked to them about how I envision the party. The main idea is only to have a breakfast party since we’ll be out for the weekend. We are doing it for the rest of the household and since he is the first app, we would want to involve the grandmothers too. The set up was really small. The package that we got was good for ten (10) pax. What is good about The White Box is that they can customize the package for you so you can add or remove the things that you need for the party.

Since I was planning to have a background decoration and some for the table, they gave us a package for the following: garland, tassels, fans, buntings, balloons, table runner and a cake topper. We finalized the transaction on the week of his birthday and I got the decorations before my need date! So fast and efficient. They are accomodating too!

I know you will be saying why do I need to find a supplier, these are the things that can easily be bought elsewhere. Well, for someone who has a lot on her plate, you would rather have something instant than go through the hassle of everything. To be quite honest, it was sulit because we get to reuse them for the next birthdays a few days after like my sister-in-law and I.

We did the ingress the night before. It was no joke setting up even if it came in a box. We had to think of how to put them together!

It was all worth the pagod and puyat.

After a hard night’s work, we were able to hide the chismis on the wall. What a wonderful set-up!
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Boat not included in the package.
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It’s all in the details.
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Look at that lovely cake topper! Cake not included in the package.
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Here’s our birthday boy and his breakfast party! We served him his favorites: tuyo, pasta and spam!

A few friends expressed their delight with the set-up. So if you want an easy, hassle-free way of doing a party, I suggest you check out The White Box.

Facebook: facebook.com/thewhiteboxph
Instagram: instagram.com/thewhiteboxph

I’ll be writing about his trip to Manila Ocean Park, up next!

This is not a sponsored post.

Apricot OTG

Apricot OTG

Have you ever done online shopping? You may have bought from Instagram etc. Well, so do I. I have already tried buying from Zalora and I love their stuff. Anyway, I have never thought of buying electronics online. Aside from Lazada where I bought my hard drive along with my officemates, none. I am scared. What if it’s a fake?

So one day I was browsing through my feed and I saw a post from a friend of mine. She shared a post from Kimstore. It’s the Apricot OTG. Yes. It’s an external USB for the iPhone! It comes in 16GB and 32GB at a low price of P999 and P1299 respectively. 

I was interested! I read more about it. I was glad that their album set was informative. It has a dedicated app which you can download for free and ta-dah! You can transfer your files instantly and watch movies without having to transfer to your iTunes. You won’t have to worry about compatibility issues too.

I was practically sold! Next step, I read the comments regarding the transaction. So far, so good. Everyone seems to be satisfied with their purchase. All I needed to do is order.

To be honest, I had second thoughts so I chose COD just in case. This was also the reco of my officemate to have online deliveries paid COD. I placed my order online which was a Tuesday. According to the help line, it would take 24-48 hrs for confirmation of order. I waited for an email but there was none. I followed-up on Thursday AM and voila! I got their confirmation from the COD team that afternoon that it will be delivered within 2-5 business days. Having it shipped has an additional fee of P129 (This may depend on the area). 

I had it delivered to my office since I was excited and possibly their business days doesn’t include Saturdays. I got a message Saturday AM that it will be delivered to the office. Thank God, we had our Christmas party else I had to resched. Yes, they deliver on Saturdays! Hurrah!

Tip: Have the exact amount prepared. The ninja (that’s what they call the rider) may not have the exact amount. I also have to commend the ninja since he called me to check if I was at the office. I told him I was not there yet and if he could come back. Thankfully, he did and went on to deliver another package around the area.

Unboxing time!

Boxed Apricot OTG

It just came in a box, no manual etc. Kimstore also had a bubble wrap too so your packge is safe. Anyway, I hooked it up on my phone and nothing happened. It asked to be allowed but I was a bit excited and ignored it. I was actually clueless the first few minutes.

Pro Tip: You may either not ignore the phone instructions which may be easier or just open the USB in your computer and read the manual which I did.

Sleek and stylish

I downloaded the special app called iUSB Pro and done. It wasn’t difficult to use. The app is user-friendly. You can easily figure it out. I am happy too with the metal body. It fits the whole iPhone aesthetic. Downside, if you always insert it in your USB port it will definitely have scratches on the surface. Unavoidable since that is the its purpose.

From the time I had it delivered, I have backed up my photos, transferred a movie and watched on my phone. Amazing! 

Tip: If you watch movies directly from the USB there is no fast forward. Boo.

Similar USB OTGs cost a lot so I recommend this Apricot OTG by Kimstore! Their service is ok and price is affordable too. I am purchasing again but a different product. I’ll have a review about it next time.

You may check Kimstore’s page for more details.

*This is not a sponsored post