When I was young I am excited on how to spend my birthday. Now, I’m not a big fan of spending my birthday. Just an ordinary day on my planner. What makes me more excited? My husband and son’s birthday of course!

As I embark on my final year in the twenties, I find that age is just really a number. I think I stopped counting my age when I turned 25. Our office OJTs guess everyone’s age in the team and when it comes to me, they pick ages in the 30s bracket. At first, I get offended. Really, 30? Do I really look that stressed to make me look 30? Then I realise that they will really think that way! The age gap between me and them is almost 10 years. It is not as if I stopped aging.

Anyway,  Here are things that I have learned in the past year:

  1. To slowly learn to speak up for yourself even in the small things from correct fare up to why my campaign will work, etc.
  2. Motherhood takes a toll on me and that there are times that you just need that me time.
  3. Quality over quantity especially with friends. You make time for people who really matter. No matter how far, no matter how busy the schedule. Of course, you need to take into consideration that there are some situations that will be out of your hands.
  4. Small expenses done everyday become big. (ie: Uber, Milk tea)
  5. It is difficult to break a bad habit.
  6. Finding the correct skincare is important. Each skin is different from the other.
  7. Minimize, minimize, minimize. Don’t hoard.
  8. Buy only when you need anything. Not in advance especially for wants. There’s a tendency I won’t be able to use it.
  9. Exercise or being fit doesn’t come overnight. It’s accompanied by correct motivation and diet which I still need to find.
  10. It is good to admit that there are things that I can’t control.
  11. As I age, I am more open and comfortable to different topics as opposed when I was young.
  12. Material things really don’t last you that long.


Here’s to another year!



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