It’s been a long time since I did a post. I’ll try to keep up and do a post in a month. Swear!

Anyway, early last year, I saw that I am accumulating make-up and skin care which I haven’t really used. It just takes up so much space in my dresser and most of them I don’t really use. I had to give some away especially the lipsticks I haven’t been using for quite some time. Now, here we are. I made myself a promise to finish a product unless it has harmful effects on my skin (aka trial and error products) before moving on to a new one.

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This is my first post about products I used from skincare, make-up and fragrance. Looking forward to more of these kinds of post.

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The Face Shop Collagen Pomegranate & Collagen Volume Lifting Toner – You think that by spending on an expensive one will make it better. But my experience with this toner wasn’t good. It reacted to my skin and caused me to have little bumps on my skin. At first, I dismissed it as a reaction to the highlighter and blush that I’ve used. Nope, the culprit is this toner. I took a break from skincare and using make-up aside from my cleanser and the bumps subsided. I almost finished the whole bottle just because I want to ensure that I got the value for my money, I didn’t occur to me that it was the main culprit. I learned my lesson to just work with the usual products that I’ve tried and tested.

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Alcohol-free Toner – I love this product! It has worked for me and I can’t believe that I replaced this with the TFS toner. My loyalty lies with this. I just bought a small bottle since I want to try it first before buying a big one again after my TFS experience to ensure that it would agree with my skin.

Pond’s Age Miracle Night Cream – I love this product. It makes my skin soft until the next morning. It’s priced P99 at the grocery and it comes a looong way for me.

Christine Lhuillier Parfumerie Green Lilac and Tea – I’m on my second bottle already. I love this cologne and fresh. Pretty cheap for an artisan cologne. Will have to invest on the Eau de Toilette for a more long lasting scent.

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The Face Shop Photo Blur Effet Flou BB Cream – When they discontinued the Lovely Me:ex BB Cream, this was the replacement. I am happy because it’s my go-to “foundation”. Its coverage isn’t full so it gives off a more natural vibe. I avoid using too much though unless I want to look like a geisha.

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrows 01 – I saw this from my officemate before and how convenient it was to put on. I used it an it gave a very soft effect on my eyebrows.

Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit – I love this shade. One coat gives you a pigmented shade. It lasts for quite sometime. You still need to reapply though. What I dislike about it is that it is super drying. Even if I love the shade, I will be steering clear from this.

Maybelline Creamy Mattes Nude Embrace – Love the shade. My officemate sold it to me because the shade it super light for her. For me, it was perfect. It’s a nice everyday shade, the reason why I immediately finished it. It isn’t drying but you need to reapply after since the staying power isn’t that long. It’s pretty cheap too especially if you wait for the sale.

BLK Long Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick Sophisticated – I joined the bandwagon! I have to say it holds true to its word of making a long lasting matte lipstick. Things I love? How pigmented it is with one coat, perfect everyday shade and IT ISN’T DRYING. Though it tends to have a powdery finish after sometime which is the main effect of any liquid matte lipstick. Worth the price? Definitely! Plus, it’s cruelty-free too!

Wow, I can’t believe I finished those! What about you? What products were you able to finish?


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