Hello 2018!

To be quite honest, I spent the first day of the year sleeping. It’s so good sleeping in. I wish I can savor the holidays more. I am quite unsure why but maybe as you get older you feel more tired or maybe just being plain lazy.

Anyway, last 2017 was really a year of transition for me. During the last part of the year, so much has been happening in my life and the people who surround me. Some people just come and go, I was able to finally fit in and learn more about myself. Bigger milestones for me came in this December in the form of a promotion and being free from financial debt.

I couldn’t be more happy with the blessings I was able to gain for this year. But to be quite honest, my 2018 will be more focused on the things that I need to improve on which is being motivated and creating the good habits. Health is wealth as they say and my metabolism has slowed down, my arms, thighs and puson are growing in a rate that I really don’t like. This is the biggest aspect I will be working on this coming year.

No new year’s resolution this year but since I know what I want and what I can tolerate, I will be using this to continually improve for 2018. I have so much to learn and experience. I excited of what the next year is bringing it.

What’s your new year like?


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