Other than Korean food (specifically grill) the other cuisine I usually crave for is Mexican. Tacos and nachos in particular. Maybe a burrito minus the beans. I also like dirty rice (is that Mexican?). Since I work near Maginhawa, I am always in a search for good food that doesn’t actually put a dent in my budget. Lagi kong sinasabi na basta sulit! I am willing to spend for food but not so much.

After yoga, I pass this corner with a food stall  called Buen Comer. Obviously, it’s Mexican. I did my research and that they usually open from Wednesdays to Saturdays. I’ve been always wanting to eat here but I don’t have company. Even if I muster the strength to eat there alone, I can’t. I was thinking to eat there before yoga but I can’t because it requires you to eat an hour and a half before the class. There’s a risk that I may just vomit. If you eat anything it has to be light. How about after yoga? I usually go home straight because I am either too tired to eat or feel guilty.

So my husband and I took the time to try it out. At first, I was a bit sad. They weren’t there anymore! The street is under construction. What a hassle. I asked my husband to drive around to see if it is just near the area because their sign says “this way”.

Good news! They just moved inside the street. Similar to set-up. They have a stall set-up in front of the house and you eat in the garage. It was pretty much a self service thing. You order at the stall then wait for your order. My Mexican heart is happy.

We asked what their best sellers are and it’s the Kare-kare Burrito! I was really hesitant to eat that. Hello, kare-kare and burrito? Really. But my husband is just experimental so we had that and their Steak and Fries Burrito. Of course, we had to try their Nacho Potato Crisp.

Mostly everything came in fast. First was the Kare-Kare Burrito then the Steak and Fries. What took time was the Nacho Potato Crisp.

Fast fact: The fries and potato crisps are home made. This is the reason why it takes some time to have both served. The Nacho Potato Crisp, according to the chef takes around 5-8 mins serving time. Still not bad.

Let’s discuss the Kare-Kare Burrito. Guys, ANG SARAP. I never thought that it would be that good. It’s Kare-Kare rice + a little veggie + BAGNET. Yes friends, bagnet. It was crispy and glorious. It had the right amount of kare-kare flavor. Also, you can have the bagoong either spread in the burrito or have it separated. We had it separated because I eat kare-kare without the bagoong. I am weird, no need to tell me. My husband had it with bagoong. We were just both happy. The serving is good for two! Needless to say, we finished it. Simot sarap!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
How it looks after I munched on it.

Next up was the Steak and Fries Burrito. It was so heavenly. Meat, fries and special sauce. The steak is meaty and the fries, it’s hand cut. Really filling. I was struggling finishing my share. The fries remind me of the Beef and Potato Burrito of Taco Bell. The potato is love. you can’t go wrong with the combo.

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Steak and Fries. SOOOO FILLING.

Both burritos are even more delicious with their home made sauces. They have three: the green one which is cilantro, then the red is hot sauce. I forgot what the white thing is. My favorite is the hot sauce of course. It matches my burrito.

Last but not the least, the Nacho Potato Crisp. The serving can be up to three people. It was just different from the usual nacho chips because its base was more on thinly cut potatoes. They use their special sauce on this.  I have not much to say about this since we were quite full when we got to eat this. We had to take it home. Pretty much when my husband finished it up, he was happy. I made him eat some of the veggies.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Sorry, I wasn’t able to get a good photo since we chowed it down immediately. This is a mound of potato crisps!

Regarding service, they are more on the self-service side, we had to pack the left over food (the nachos). They have a designated station for it. You can also find utensils, gloves and paper bags there. You might also want to throw away your stuff after you eat. Not sure about it but maybe we just took a cue with the trash can being labeled.

Rating time. The food is great! Plus points for having stuff home made. Everything feels extra special. The serving is good enough for two! We were both stuffed after eating. Every time they serve the food they ask how was it probably we’re first timers. All I can say is that it was just delicious!!!

We went there a bit early just before the customers start to pile up. Everything was fast and the chef got to take our orders and explain the food. One time, I passed their area and there were a lot of customers, but I still here them explain all about their specialty. This is a plus! The chef is also very hands on. Everyone it just great.

If you want a bang for your buck? This is the place to be. Your Mexican heart will be happy and your tummy too. Here, you can share your burrito because definitely you’ll maximize your tummy space if you eat it alone.

Food – 4.5
Service – 5
Price – 5

As for the area, you have to scout for parking since this is a residential area. No worries though since people just come and go since it is not really a space that will make you stay for hours.

Tips: Bring someone with you to share your order. Go there before their peak hours. They open 4pm onwards.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Here’s part of their menu (1/2)

Menu (2/2) plus the place where the magic happens!

There is our new adventure. I am definitely going to recommend it. Date night or friends night out this is a great place!

Buen Comer Poquellas
48 Mapagkawanggawa, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101


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