Hello 2017

New year, new me. Not. Before, I used to do my new year’s resolutions but now, I don’t. I just resigned to the fact that I follow it for the first week then just forget it the week after. 

2016 has been a year of transition for me: from one job to the other, having a newborn turned toddler, becoming the head of the family, my parents’ transferring houses. It has been a year of adulting. Like what I always say, adulting is difficult. No one said it was easy anyway.

But this year, I want to claim it! As the year came to a close, a friend of mine said a little prayer. This is a different kind of prayer. It talked to my soul and to the thoughts that I had. With that moment, I felt that I was validated and the path was clearer. 2017 will be a year of focus and below are just some things I want to focus on.


I want to God to be the center of my life. I am no religious person but I want to ensure that this year (and every year after) will be all for Him. To say a little prayer every day and be grateful for the small wins and challenges. I do believe that He is here guiding every single decision or life choice I make.

Marriage first

The first few days of 2017 have been awesome. My husband and I go out and have dinner. I wasn’t fancy but it was great. We usually have the routine of going home, play with Lucas then sleep. We don’t even get to talk. Now, with my #marriagefirst project, we get to talk. We’re bestfriends and partners in crime till forever! I really want to continue to make time for one another or else, both of us might lose it.

Family first

Aside from my own family, I still take care of my mom and lola. They have actually moved in with us last December. It was a big transition and we are still adjusting. Upside, we get to save stuff from renting. Happy also that my husband is supportive with all this. If I have this #marriagefirst project, this would be next. I hope to document more family moments this year.

Keeping it small

They say that when you get older, you have fewer friends. I believe this. Through the years, I have learned that not everyone is your friend. In time, my number of friends reduced to some key people/group. This year, I plan to make time. I have to make it to a point that I meet up or at least send them a message. I actually started during the last quarter of 2016 and I have no plans of stopping now.

Moving to get fit 

Let’s be honest, I am not doing a great job. I am currently binge eating now (having one order of squid balls, chicken chops and a regular sized drink from Chatime). I did purchase a yoga class pass. YES. I went to yoga, thrice already. Tomorrow is my fourth session. I need to make it count and not just negating it will all this food. Dear Lord, help me.

Save and invest 

I started out with actually trying to settle my finances. I now have savings! It’s nothing much but it can get us afloat for a cut-off or two. I am also expecting to pay off the family debt this year and it will be amazing once done. A bit burden will be lifted off. I am looking forward to paying it off. Hello, achievement! Our next project is to start saving for our own.

Lead, create, inspire

These are the things that I want to do with my career. I just received some big news regarding work and it is interesting to see how this would all pan out for the rest of the year. Nonetheless, as a leader of a team, my goal is to be able to inspire them and with that create, build new ideas. Exciting but challenging times ahead. 
This is the list which I want to focus on for the year. I believe with God in the center, everything will fall into place.

How about you? What’s your focus for this year?


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