Have you ever done online shopping? You may have bought from Instagram etc. Well, so do I. I have already tried buying from Zalora and I love their stuff. Anyway, I have never thought of buying electronics online. Aside from Lazada where I bought my hard drive along with my officemates, none. I am scared. What if it’s a fake?

So one day I was browsing through my feed and I saw a post from a friend of mine. She shared a post from Kimstore. It’s the Apricot OTG. Yes. It’s an external USB for the iPhone! It comes in 16GB and 32GB at a low price of P999 and P1299 respectively. 

I was interested! I read more about it. I was glad that their album set was informative. It has a dedicated app which you can download for free and ta-dah! You can transfer your files instantly and watch movies without having to transfer to your iTunes. You won’t have to worry about compatibility issues too.

I was practically sold! Next step, I read the comments regarding the transaction. So far, so good. Everyone seems to be satisfied with their purchase. All I needed to do is order.

To be honest, I had second thoughts so I chose COD just in case. This was also the reco of my officemate to have online deliveries paid COD. I placed my order online which was a Tuesday. According to the help line, it would take 24-48 hrs for confirmation of order. I waited for an email but there was none. I followed-up on Thursday AM and voila! I got their confirmation from the COD team that afternoon that it will be delivered within 2-5 business days. Having it shipped has an additional fee of P129 (This may depend on the area). 

I had it delivered to my office since I was excited and possibly their business days doesn’t include Saturdays. I got a message Saturday AM that it will be delivered to the office. Thank God, we had our Christmas party else I had to resched. Yes, they deliver on Saturdays! Hurrah!

Tip: Have the exact amount prepared. The ninja (that’s what they call the rider) may not have the exact amount. I also have to commend the ninja since he called me to check if I was at the office. I told him I was not there yet and if he could come back. Thankfully, he did and went on to deliver another package around the area.

Unboxing time!

Boxed Apricot OTG

It just came in a box, no manual etc. Kimstore also had a bubble wrap too so your packge is safe. Anyway, I hooked it up on my phone and nothing happened. It asked to be allowed but I was a bit excited and ignored it. I was actually clueless the first few minutes.

Pro Tip: You may either not ignore the phone instructions which may be easier or just open the USB in your computer and read the manual which I did.

Sleek and stylish

I downloaded the special app called iUSB Pro and done. It wasn’t difficult to use. The app is user-friendly. You can easily figure it out. I am happy too with the metal body. It fits the whole iPhone aesthetic. Downside, if you always insert it in your USB port it will definitely have scratches on the surface. Unavoidable since that is the its purpose.

From the time I had it delivered, I have backed up my photos, transferred a movie and watched on my phone. Amazing! 

Tip: If you watch movies directly from the USB there is no fast forward. Boo.

Similar USB OTGs cost a lot so I recommend this Apricot OTG by Kimstore! Their service is ok and price is affordable too. I am purchasing again but a different product. I’ll have a review about it next time.

You may check Kimstore’s page for more details.

*This is not a sponsored post 


19 thoughts on “Apricot OTG

    1. Hi Gaile,

      Do you have the app already? I am quite unsure if you can transfer an app from iPhone to the OTG. Usually it’s just your photos. If you go to the app you can check iPhone. You’ll see all your folders in the photos. If you have movies from the OTG you can transfer that to the “App” tab. It can be stored there. Hope that answers your question 😄


    1. You will need to download from the app store the software. I think the name of the app is iUSB. Then from there you can just plug the OTG, allow it to be accessed by your phone and you can open the iUSB app.


  1. Have you tried transferring photos back from usb to iphone? If yes, will it still be stored in the camera roll or you need to create another folder? Thanks.


  2. I have mine yesterday. But I don’t know how to use it. Once I hooked it on my phone. There’s no message popping up where you are asked to download the iUSB App. Huhu 😦


  3. Hi. I can’t transfer videos from my iphone to this otg. After I selected all videos, it won’t proceed to copying files unlike when I do it when I transfer photos. Do you happen to know any solution? 😦


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