Motherhood is tough especially if you are a first time mom. Even if you have your husband and family, it helps that you have mommy friends!

I go out with my mommy friends aka #mamasquad once in a while and it’s the best thing. Here’s why.

1. No judging

We are all guilty of judging one another and probably other moms too. However, when we get in their shoes, it is just nice to have a support group who will hear you out, share what they know and empathize with you.

2. WebMD

Remember searching for symptoms on the web and they just lead you to crazier disease or sickness? Well, no need to go praning over that. All I do is just message our group chat and ask if their babies experienced the same thing. I know not all experiences are the same but at least you won’t go gaga and sweat the small stuff. I even ask them who’s the best supplier or even exchange ideas for my son’s first birthday.

3. Diaper bag extension

Yes! Especially when my mommy brain kicks in an decide to forget tissue, diaper, etc. No fear. They will gladly lend you a hand. Lucky for me, Vea lent me her shoes for a wedding. They are that reliable.

4. Relate, relate, relate

I love it whenever we have catch ups! It seems as if we understand everything we go through. We even relate to each other’s post-partum. It does help A LOT!

5. You got my back, I got yours.

We are each other’s support group. We haven’t really been together for the longest time but mommyhood just brought us together. Not just us! But our families too. We even began a simple Christmas tradition too. I’ll post more about it next post.

This Christmas, I am thankful for my #mamasquad. Being with them in this journey is just amazing. Having them around is just a blessing since they make everything about mommyhood easy.


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