For the Nth Time

Obviously, I have been on hiatus for the past few months. I was quite busy with being a career woman and mom all at the same time.

You may not be interested with these things but I am going to put you up to speed with the things that I have been doing.

I changed jobs. Yes, for the nth time. And ok, you can call me a jumper. This the term people use when you hop from one job to the other and staying for a short while. I went back to Company X after my stint from Company Y since it is not the industry for me. My heart was just really in retail. I was assigned a good brand but again, not for me. I was looking for a brand that I can easily relate to. My lifestyle has changed since Lucas came. I have been following the #babybaranggay (Patty Laurel, Nicole Hernandez, Kelly Misa, etc), Smart Parenting, Baby and Breakfast, etc. Add to the list other mother and baby brands. My priorities changed. Before, I am this career-driven person but now with Lucas is growing fast, I want to be there for him more. I want to be a career-woman and mom rolled into one. I know it is impossible but it is worth a shot! If other moms can do it, I will too.

Anyway, travel time to and from Company X became unbearable for me. Work is so-so because I am prepared to face it. Overtime work is natural at times given the nature of the job but travelling for about 1 and 1/2 hrs to maybe 2 (give and take traffic or prolly the LRT breaking down) is not working for me anymore. I go home every night tired then find Lucas peacefully sleeping. Sometimes, I just go straight to bed more tired than I really feel. I felt that part wherein I feel guilty not spending more time with Lucas since everything else becomes devoted to work and commute (but that is another blog altogether).

Those things prompted me to find somewhere close, retail-related, preferably children’s brand. Lo and behold, I found one! Moving to my current job have setbacks but I couldn’t be more happier since my travel time is cut to half. Hallelujah! My expenses became less too. I get to spend more time with my husband since we go to work together and we have cheap food in the office. Hurray! I get home from work earlier and when I see Lucas awake? I feel so recharged, ready to play with Lucas.

I also have some me-time squeezed in. This is because I get to go home early! Either I grab a drink from my usual, read a chapter or two, while finishing my cup then go home. Today, I even got to write, see! I am now a believer of that study wherein lesser commuting time makes you happier.

Given the extra time that I have which I need to distribute accordingly, I am really considering to take blogging seriously. I need an outlet where I can hone this. I have a lot of thoughts in my head. Not sure if you can consider it an insight or something you can relate to but I just want to express what I think! I am also inspired by the people I follow to do this. I want to be creative and real.

Now, how to start? I have been tossing and turning on how to get this started. They say if you want something you need to do it. This is what pushed me to actually write today. Write in passion, edit in cold blood. Care to help me out with what I can write about? Hit me up in the comments!


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