I finally had time to sneak in a little blog post. I want to talk about my little party planning. It’s been more than a month since Lucas’ birthday party and I couldn’t be any happier.

Weeks even months before the event, I was stressing out! Budgeting, planning, pegs, the works. As a mom, you really want to give the best for your child.

Of course, it all started with a theme! Oh yeah fiesta! Which reminds me to upload all the photoshoot goodness from last time’s shoot. Anyway, I was thinking of renting a venue, caterer, photographer.

However, there are budget constraints. So I resolved to another plan. Having the party in a restaurant! Brilliant! Food and venue paid for and all you need is a host, a program, dessert buffet, photographer, cake, giveaways and loot bags. I was going crazy. A tight budget and little time (since I’m juggling a full time job), the perfect mix.

We were eyeing 100 pax since this is the first birthday but then we reduced it to 75 then 50. It was so difficult doing the guestlist. I want to invite my husband’s friends, high school classmates but we ended up with family, officemates, common friends, ninongs and ninangs and our #babysquad. So the party is really as intimate as it could get.

Let’s start with picking put a date, we wanted somewhat near his birthday so we picked the weekend after. Saturday or Sunday? Preferred a Sunday but we were told it was Mother’s day therefore we moved it to a Saturday. The venue we picked out was Chili’s in Timog. They have party packages which includes a host, balloons, programs and miscellaneous things (like speakers). All I needed to do was to pick out the prizes for the games. Yay! I got that booked already. See link for party packages here. Tip: Stick to the packages it saves you loads. In our case we opted to customized and it cost us way more than the allocated budget.

Giveaways. My heart was set on a cactus giveaway. This can double as a centerpieces and a fantastic token! However, we need to be cost efficient since there might be kids. Instead of a cactus, we decided to make a lootbag instead as a giveaway! Items were bought from Divisoria (the place to be). To personalize, I had my friend compile a coloring book from free mexican coloring templates and had a special cover made. Thanks to Print on Me for printing! I had that cover converted to a tote bag. It took a few hours to pack the stuff. We ensured that the items are useful like pencils, bubbles, etc. I think it will relieve stress in the work palce or if they have nephews, niece, brothers and sisters.

Daniel Lucas First Birthday-236.JPG

Prizes. Care of Divisoria. Knock yourselves out. Tip: Go to Tabora early and have a list so that you don’t overspend or buy unnecessary things.

Centerpiece. I wanted to do a small pinata but it takes a lot of time so we opted with paper flowers. Another DIY! So proud of it really. I styled them all up and created small props since there isn’t any photobooth.

Daniel Lucas First Birthday-1.JPG

Photographer. It was actually the first thing I looked for since I need to look for a photographer that is perfect for my budget. I looked into the popular ones like Rio Jones but at the end of the day, I loved the work of Little J Photography. Joshua de Guzman was accommodating with all my queries and when we had the date changed, he was kind enough to do so. Everything was great! We availed of their photo package and had a pre-event shoot.

Lucas was pretty difficult to shoot since he was distracted so we had to bring in reinforcements. Love the fact that the venue really matched the theme so it was not difficult for us to find a spot. Did I go for a same day edit? I did’t since photos were more of a priority on my part. It saved me a few bucks too!

Daniel Lucas First Birthday-44.JPG
Dessert buffet. I was actually eyeing for the Cupcake General to do it but we had to cut down costs further. I was thinking to do a DIY but was not able to given the time and materials needed. We just had a cake table!

Daniel Lucas First Birthday-26.JPG

Cake. Lucas’ cake was care of my wonderful #babysquad peeps. I gave them a peg and boom! It came out the way I wanted it to be. They got it from Tak Vergara, you can search her up in Facebook.

Daniel Lucas First Birthday-20.JPG
How it tastes? It was good! Not too sweet! Could’ve been more moist but overall it was a-ok! So thankful for the cake. We placed it at the bar with the props I did for a previous photoshoot.

Did I miss anything?

The guests arrived a bit later than expected (It was the day of the miting de avance. Traffic!). We had to start so we thought there wasn’t much kids. As the program started guests started pouring in and our area suddenly was not enough. It’s ok though since people got to sit with each other. They were competitive in the games too! Super love the atmosphere as everyone enjoyed the food, program and company.

Here are some group shots.


1. Know your budget. Knowing it makes you organized in doing your pegs and having a realistic party. It can also narrow down your suppliers.

2. Try to get sponsors. This will help you cut down expenses. Thankful my mom helped with the giveaways while mommy friends gave cake. It gave me savings!

3. Have pegs. It is really best to visualize things since it helps in having a more streamlined perspective so you will know which suppliers you need to contact.

4. Research, research, research. This is best so you can gather all information in terms of quotation. You may also get some information that can actually help like if there are tie-ups for your needs. From what I know some venues require accredited suppliers only.


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