First Haircut

I never really gave importance on haircuts. However, as a mom, I became conscious about it. Elders say that a baby should have his hair cut when he reaches one. I am not sure what the consequences are but there’s nothing wrong with following it.

When Lucas was born, he had short hair. I even thought that it wouldn’t grow as much as it did. As months passed, it just turned wild. Babies sweat wildly especially now that they are in their active stages. Lucas looks “dugyot” when he’s sweaty.

Crazy hair, don’t care!

The fun part though is that when he wakes up sometimes, he sports a mohawk!

Woke up like this

When he turned one, my mission began. My mission to find that perfect hair salon for kids. Of course! I want his haircut to be memorable in a good way. As any mom would do, she would pick what’s nice and ok with her budget. My criteria? A place that is hygienic, kid-friendly and creates a certificate for the first haircut.

After all the searching, I ended up with Cuts4Tots. It’s accessible (has a lot of branches in the metro so no need to make an effort), kid-friendly (the interiors are colorful and the chairs, adorable!), within my budget (P330 for a kids haircut, more expensive than mine. But hey! Expertise on handling kids), has a first haircut certificate (all for an additional fee of P195) and a loyalty card (yes, discounts!).

We paid a visit at the Eastwood branch when they were about to close. While waiting they have toys to entertain the kids. A plus for Lucas since there were a lot of cars and trucks.

Toys to entertain while waiting.

When it was his turn, we made him sit in the car. Yup, a car. He didn’t even seem to notice what will actually happen.

Boys and cars. See how he enjoyed!

When Kuya started cutting his hair, they turned on the TV with Mickey Mouse on. Lucas isn’t a TV person so he just played with the chair. Until he got bored, turned 360-degrees in his chair and didn’t even notice all the cutting going on. We even gave him a toy to make him sit tight.

He’s just comfy playing while someone’s cutting his hair.

Did he cry? No. But I got scared when he was scratching his ear. But Kuya nicely gave him the cut and was very patient. The hair cut didn’t last long. I think that should be the case so that the kids wouldn’t be irritated.

Oh and the first few snips? Those were collected for the certificate which will be released two weeks after the haircut.

Lastly, we got a loyalty card which gives 10% off for haircuts. Such an amazing thing!

I did enjoy bringing him to his first ever haircut! But there’s a bit of “he turned into a kid all of a sudden!” feeling. Huhuhu. Binata na siya. I can’t. It was so soon but then there’s always a first time for everything. I need to get used to his haircut.

New ‘do!

As we got home, his lolas were there! And they gave their verdict. They liked his haircut (picked by me of course!). Definitely coming back for his next one.

Cuts4Tots Eastwood is located at the 3rd floor, Eastwood Mall.

*This is not a sponsored post


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