Every Saturday is a family day for us. It is the only time we really do have the time to get out of the house. Even before Lucas was born, I told Myx that I really wanted a certain day to be a family day for us. We dedicate our time solely for family. This is what we follow. We usually go out and take Lucas to the mall (especially now since it’s hot) or to friends.

Yesterday was a different kind of Saturday. After going to the doctor and happily hitting both height and weight requirements for his age, we had a playdate! Not our first time though but our first having it in Kidzoona. We picked the Shangri-La branch since it’s the middle for all of us.

Kidzoona is a Japanese franchise of Aeon Fantasy Group. They have opened several branches already so it is easily accessible.

When we were cooking up a playdate it was Veron (our mommy friend) who suggested that we have it there. I saw their photos from before and it looked fun! I wanted to bring Lucas there even before. But I was limited because since he was less than a year old, he might not yet be able to appreciate it yet. So when the opportunity came, I was definitely on board!

The place was easy to find since it’s located along the other kids’ shops. Upon entering all you need is to fill out a form, pay over the counter and you’re good to go. You need to pay for the kid (whether 90 mins or 3 hours) then the guardian is free! If you want that both parents to be there you just need to pay for an additional fee (P150). We got 90 mins of play time.


The place smelled new and since it was a weekend, there were a lot of kids! We started with the ball pool. Lucas was a bit scared and was really clingy to Myx and I. Kali (his friend), since it was not her first time, found herself comfortable. Thus the conclusion that Lucas is still trying to adapt. He is also getting in tune with a lot of kids running. We tried the inflatable slide and dear Lord, I was the one who got scared. Pretty much it was safe. Lucas showed no reaction since he is pretty new to the whole thing. He also gave the same reaction when his dad took him to the slides again. I really think because it is something new.

2016-05-14 16.35.31.jpg
Just staring at all the balls and keeping his balance.

We also think Lucas isn’t a ball person so we went around and looked for other things he can play with. We tried out the tube thing. It was really cool but Lucas just wants the ball inside of the tube. He was also a bit scared with the rolling movement. So we went and moved on seeking for the best activity.

2016-05-14 16.59.34.jpg
Dad, I can’t!

It was then that it dawned upon us. We went to the truck station. He likes cars and trucks. Finally! And on we went to check for other cars, we saw some which he immediately went to! Our friends on the other hand, are ball persons so when they went to the car/bike/mobile station, it was something new to them. Don’t get me wrong, after a few minutes they enjoyed it too. But Lucas, enjoyed it the most! His dad was pushing him around. We think he likes the sense of motion. Even if we gave him the xylophone, he still wants the car.

2016-05-14 17.00.45
There he is!
2016-05-14 17.06.20
Like a rockstar.

After the car, we tried the large inflatable where you can run! At first, he was scared but he learned to like it. He was walking and running with Myx and I. I even took videos seeing how happy he is!

When he got tired it was back to the ball pool. We tried our luck again, and we succeeded! He began to warm up. All our babies were playing and enjoying the ball pool. It helped also the he sees us with him among the balls. He also warmed up to Kali! It took him a few meetings to take the shyness off. With Anielle, it was all natural since they’ve been in playdates and parties from the beginning.

2016-05-14 17.51.43.jpg

From there, 90 minutes were up! It felt long though. At first, we wanted to get three hours just in case Lucas enjoys but maybe we’ll reserve that when he appreciates it more.

Kidzoona is such an experience. We’ve heard from our friend that each branch may have different features like rides. That is something we look forward to! What a day. It wasn’t just the kids who enjoyed but the parents as well. Kudos, Kidzoona!


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