And the countdown begins. It’s just around 26 days to go before my son’s first birthday. I still can’t believe that our little #BabyBurrito is now going to be a #BurritoBoy. Not a baby but a toddler!

By golly, he is growing 5 teeth a total of 6 all at the same time. I am so thankful really that he is not getting the usual signs of teething aside from biting his favorite pillow most of the time. He is now eating solids, a fan of rice, loves banana and bread. He gives this bungisngis face which is really adorable.

Last post, I was talking about birthday preparations. To be honest, a bit cramming here since we still need lootbags to pack and such. I haven’t even started to book my supplier for the dessert buffet. Whut. Also, last time, I was doing a pinata. Lo and behold! I finished it just in time for my son’s birthday shoot. It wasn’t just the number 1 but a cactus and some picados too.

Finished product!

Just in time, my mom offered to buy some poncho and sombrero to be in theme for the photoshoot. I was praying hard that she would find one. She did find it in Quiapo! Good heavens! Maybe I just didn’t have the time to look and was doing some online searches. Really thankful for my mom. Here is are some sample sets while Lucas was wearing his costume.

One of my favorite photos!
Yay! He’s turning one.

During the shoot, it was difficult for Lucas to smile. He was giving us his usual look, the one with no emotions. We have to run and we were short of doing cartwheels just to keep him happy and occupied. I really do appreciate what the baby photographers are doing because it takes a lot of rapport with the kid as well. To prepare for the shoot, I prepare almost all his favorite toys in one bag from balls to Hotwheels.

We were halfway through the shoot when we got our money shots! Too bad he didn’t want to wear his costume anymore during the set-up. He was throwing a bit of a tantrum already so we decided to have his normal clothes. Thank God the shirt was in theme!

Thank God for Hotwheels!
His love for baby wipes.
Too much happiness

Ate Lucy and I were really exhausted since we had to place him at the set-up run as fast as we could and act us cheerleaders for Lucas. But we weren’t disappointed since it all paid of with wonderful shots that I will really have them printed and framed. The big blow-up ones!

Shoutout to his ninong Bruce for actually saying yes to a baby shoot even if this isn’t his forte. Also to Tita Mayu for styling the props and making Bruce realize his lighting mistakes. We saved a lot because of them!

I am really happy with how it turned out. This project from doing my DIY projects to accompanying Lucas, picking the poses, etc made me unlock the mommyhood badge. Being a mom is not easy especially when you are juggling a 9-6 job which sometimes take weekends since I am too tired too function. I am glad when I get to spend times like these with my kid. As much as I am happy, I was a bit sad too since my husband wasn’t there to accompany us. But of course, my mom has a brilliant plan of having another shoot, this time the whole family will be in costume. Excited. I will be rallying my husband to make time for this.

Next phase of this countdown is the invites and guests. It’s going to be tough one.


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