Birthday Preparations

A month and a few more days left before my son’s first birthday! I can’t believe it. As they say, the days are long but the years are short. By golly! It is.

Lately, I have been preparing for it already. However, this party is not a grand as I planned it in my head. Due to recent events, we have a limited budget. My husband and I wanted it to be styled with food booths and all. Like I said, we scaled it down. We picked a place with a party package already. We customized the menu to what we think the guests would enjoy. Although, I learned that customizing the menu made the costs go up for food. We chose Chili’s restaurant so far they have inclusions like the balloons, invites and hosts. You may be wondering why we chose the establishment. We wanted to have a Mexican Fiesta. It’s inline with the hashtag that I made for Lucas which is #BabyBurrito. People actually know him by that instead of his real name.

For the giveaways and souvenirs, we are eyeing succulents. I searched for suppliers already and I will be triggering the order once we have enough money book the rest. We also booked Little J Phhotography to cover the event. For the dessert buffet, I am set with my classmates dessert buffet. Which reminds me that I would need to book her too. What else? Cake! Thank God, my mommy friends are sonsupportive and they sponsored the cake.

As for a pre-birthday shoot, I am looking forward on the 5th. His godfather would be shooting his birthday photo. Lucas doesn’t have much professional photos. It’s just all in my husband and I’s phone. Tonight, I just finished Phase 1 of the props.

Phase 1

I will be dressing this up tomorrow. Hopefully, I can do it without any distractions. My target is to finish props by this weekend.

Don’t ask me for the cost just yet. Our budget is around 50k but most prolly, we will be going over. This cost just covers 50 pax. We have a list of invitees already and it’s over 50. Whaddup! Anyway, I shall be posting more about our birthday preps once I get the props done.

Till then!


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