Mommy Woes

It’s been ten months and a few weeks since we had Lucas. A few months from now, he is turning one. To be honest, we don’t really keep tabs on his developments like when he first turned around, able to lift his head, giggled, etc. Not because we were lazy, it is because we want to cherish the moments as it comes. Technology has a way of getting into things like taking photos during a very exciting moment but is suddenly ruined because your phone just died. It just disappoints you because you don’t get to document. Remember that thing where you need to document or else it didn’t happen?

What I learned in mommyhood is that it is ok. It is ok not to remember the dates when the “firsts” happen but to remember the feeling when that first happened. I read and follow moms and I really admire the time they put in documenting everything and being hands on from giving them natural, organics things. I wish I had the time but reality gives me another perspective that parenthood has not fixed formula, what works works.

I obviously named this post with woes because I have a lot of them in my head, I do think of so many things about being parents that maybe I should take a chill pill. This is also the reason why I am thankful that I have some mommy friends (form my birthing class, more about them soon) because I get to talk to them. It is my validation that I am not as crazy as I think I am. Also struggles, wins, laughs, etc are best shared with them now.

I feel like blabbering but I think I will still hit the post button then probably just erase this afterwards, I need to sleep first.




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