To New Things

Here I am starting a new blog (again!). But yes, it will be added to my to-do list but this is my first love. I was once part of the creative writing club for most of my grade school days. Such a shame I didn’t pursue writing for our school paper.

On a side note, I am squeezing this in as I am trying to cut my little one’s nail while he is sleeping. I tell, he is quite a handful.

So today, we went to Daddy’s work in Eastwood and this was just out of nowhere. As a mom, I know that things should be planned but sometimes it doesn’t work that way. The spontaneous person that I am messaged my husband that we will be visiting him. Yay! Now, the next challenge is that I am bringing Lucas with me, commuting – alone. Yup, this is a challenge because he has just no regard for human life. It took me around 20 mins to prepare while he was being prepped up, along with me fixing his baby bag, etc. I booked a cab then voila! Next thing I knew, we were off to see Daddy.

Here’s Lucas and I at the back seat.


Hurray! Because he was behave during the ride and fell fast asleep. When we got to Daddy’s workplace he was warming up. I, on the other hand, was thanking God for helping us get there in one piece. Thankful too for the driver who took us there.

Everything went well tonight and our mission was a success. Was proud of Lucas and his dad the other day too! They went to Makati to fetch me, commuting. They rode the P2P. I’ve never felt more proud because Lucas is on his proper behavior as he is looking around at the view (mostly car wheels).

It is a new thing for us, commuting with a baby. Though we have tried it a few times, usually it’s a tag team thing (mom and dad) but not alone. I am proud to say that we can do it but not changing diapers yet. I will tell you why on my next post.

Lately, my husband and I have learned to be more independent of taking care of Lucas. From his diet, how he plays and most importantly taking care of him through the night. It is only during this time that we can really bond with him even if he is sleeping. We always dreamed of being hands on and it is never easy when you have a full-time job. We learned to be more patient, more awake and be more attentive to his needs. We also learned how to stand our ground, to be protective and to let go with our son.

With so many things in my head, I want to say cheers to new things and to this new blog! To more realizations about parenting, work, friendship, etc.


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